GTS Ultraflex


The Ultraflex line has just grown bigger by a new range of acrylic adhesives commonly used in the market for flexible printed circuits. Acrylic adhesives are mainly used with polyimide based FPC materials and GTS has always had a number of products to offer. As part of our new product developments our R&D team has come up with an enhanced acrylic system that is more robust against processing chemicals and soldering temperatures. Bond strength to copper is well above IPC after pressing for 30min. Overall, the new system offers another choice of materials for the manufacturing of flexible and flex-rigid PCBs.

Initial information on the new GTS 3780 series for coverlays/casts and GTS 7780 for copper base materials can be found in the product table. A flame-retardant version with a full line-up of product types and constructions is available as well. Refer to GTS 3740 for coverlays and cast adhesives and GTS 7740 for laminates.

 GTS Ultraflex™ traditionally has been our trade-name for our product offerings into the flexible printed circuit market. The broader meaning of Ultraflex™ reflects our experience of supplying products for FPC for nearly 50 years, but also for other applications like tapes for laminated bus bars and general bond and insulation.

‘Ultraflex’ also aptly describes how we like to respond to our customers. We make a wide range of batch sizes and widths, we support just-in-time production through planning co-operation and stock materials close to their point of use, world-wide.

Please check for yourself a selection of products we have to offer under the Ultraflex™ product line. There are many more, so just contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.