Design and manufacturing of adhesives for flexible applications are core competencies at GTS. Customers benefit from our long-term knowledge through customised adhesive and materials solutions.

What we stand for:

Since its inception in 1977, GTS has been at the forefront of manufacture of flexible industrial composites.  The reason for this comes from a close relationship with our customers, and an intimate knowledge of the match between materials and their requirements in a fast-changing world.

GTS has always had the reputation as a responsive supplier that is not afraid to venture into new territories with its customers. The implementation of black epoxies and high temperature adhesives are classic examples for GTS innovative approach. In addition, our long-standing quality and environmental management systems bear witness to our commitment to maintaining the highest quality.

Through our subsidiary offices and a network of agents and distributors GTS is able to supply products world-wide from our manufacturing base in South Wales. Contacting us is easy!

We therefore look confidently to the future and to listening to our customers' evolving requirements. Count on us, we truly are flexible by design.

Graham Farmer, Group Executive Chairman