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As part of the Directors' long term strategic planning for the continued progression of the GTS Flexible Materials Group of Companies, the company is pleased to announce a change to the roles undertaken by two of the current Board of Directors.

The change is part of a long-term succession plan, which has been in place for several years, the aim of which is to ensure that our valued partners continue to benefit from a stable relationship with the GTS Group.

With effect from Monday 19th November 2018, Graham Farmer will become Group Executive Chairman. Graham will remain involved with the Group on a full-time basis but will gradually delegate some of his current day to day duties to others within the organisation whilst concentrating his work on key strategic developments which are also part of the Group's long term plans.

Chris Burgess, currently Group Financial Director, will become Group Managing Director. Chris will retain his overall responsibility for the financial management of the Company but will combine this with wider general management responsibilities.

Our expectation is that our partners will experience little or no impact resulting from this change but it is an important one for the continued development of the Group.


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